Hettich manufactures a wide range of centrifuges for the clinical, research and industrial market. With a large variety of both standardized and custom accessories. Hettich offers a one-stop solution for your application specific needs. Our instruments are thoroughly tested to ensure user safety and comply with all international regulatory standards.

Hettich centrifuges are available in a variety of temperature control versions to maintain a constant sample temperature during operation. Model varieties support the option of built-in temperature control, internal heating, external cooling and additional configurations to meet GMP / GLP requirements.

Floor Standing Centrifuges

Hettich offers the Roto Silenta, the Rotanta and the Rotixa in their floor standing range.

High Performance, Throughput and Capacity

Hettich floor standing centrifuges are built exclusively for high-volume processing. Our premier floor model centrifuges provide the best operating conditions for your samples, for your lab and for the overall user experience. These models are robust, uncomplicated and proficient delivering on long-term performance and dependability.

Hettich Refrigerated Centrifuge

A Universal Choice

The UNIVERSAL 320 is a compact, versatile and indispensable general purpose centrifuge. Excellent performance and a comprehensive range of accessories enable the UNIVERSAL 320 to carry out virtually any centrifuging tasks including plates, blood tubes, cell culture, microliter and cytology.

This unit is available with refrigeration and a temperature range from -20 °C to +40 °C (UNIVERSAL 320 R).

Hettich Centrifuges for Small Laboratories

Top Performance for Small Laboratories

The EBA 200 and EBA 200 S are practical, compact centrifuges for small sample sizes. The high speed S model can deliver reliable results in 3 minutes or less. An 8-place fixed angle rotor is included to hold standard blood and urine tubes up to 15 ml in capacity.