Autoclaves & Sterilisers

LabGear Australia partner with Tuttnauer and Tomy to provide our customers a selection of benchtop, vertical and fully portable autoclaves. The range consists of multiple sizes, manual and digital options all backed by a fully equipped technical service department staffed by highly trained and experienced technicians.

Benchtop Autoclaves & Sterilisers

Tuttnauer benchtop laboratory autoclaves (EL-D models) are front loading autoclaves available in chamber sizes from 28 to 160 litres. This includes the Tuttnauer Tvet range.

The tvet line fits all your sterilization needs by creating cycle parameters to accommodate wrapped pouches and unpacked instruments. These cycles ensure sterility and efficient drying of packs and pouches, helping veterinarians to meet todays challenging workloads.

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Large Scale Laboratory Autoclaves

The Tuttnauer line of large capacity sterilisers use pre-vacuum and gravity for air removal and improved steam penetration. This includes the Tuttnauer 5596 Hospital Autoclave. A compact and long lasting autoclave designed specifically for healthcare sterile processing. Reliable and easy to use, the 5596 boasts many types of cycle programs for a wide range of sterilisation, comes standard with a full temperature range and a working pressure that meets AMSE and PED requirements. The 5596 can be purchased with a single or double door configuration, sliding or hinged doors.

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Large Chamber Laboratory Autoclave

With an improved capacity and user-friendly design, the TOMY Autoclave FLS-1000 makes large volume sterilisation easier and accommodates unique shaped articles like bioreactors, fermenters and animal cages. The FLS-1000 also supports you for secure sterilisation in compliance with your facilities’ guidelines and global standards like GLP / GMP.

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Multiple Shared Use Autoclave

The TOMY Multiple Shared Use Autoclaves SX-700E / 500E / 300E are designed to meet the sterilisation needs for a wide variety of sizes and shapes of articles to be sterilised especially in the washing room or central autoclave room arranged for shared use among a few or several laboratories.

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