Hettich Lab Technology

The Hettich Centrifuge and Incubator range from Germany is manufactured to the highest quality standard and offers the greatest application flexibility on the market.

Hettich has been designing and manufacturing Centrifuges for over one hundred years and recently introduced their own range of high quality cooled and standard Incubators.

Small Centrifuges

Benchtop performance in a compact footprint.

High sample throughput and versatility are standard requirements in millions of labs worldwide. With a choice of numerous rotors, including a swing-out model, high-speed and storable programs, the EBA range meets your requirements and is a proven and valued piece of equipment in any laboratory.

Benchtop Centrifuges

Specialists in diversity.

Hettich manufactures a complete range of benchtop centrifuges for nearly every standard laboratory application. Multiple units, rotors and accessories ensure throughput demands are met, no matter what the volume. Robust and steady temperature control systems ensure your samples are kept at the optimal sample temperature, with both cooled and heated models available. In addition to standard laboratory applications, many specialty applications can be accommodated via our vast library of accessories and our custom built options for those have unique challenges.

Floorstanding Centrifuges

High performance, throughput and capacity.

Hettich floorstanding centrifuges are built exclusively for high-volume processing. Our premier floor model centrifuges provide the best operating conditions for your samples, for your lab and for the overall user experience. These models are robust, uncomplicated and proficient delivering on long-term performance and dependability.

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Hettich Lab Technology have become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of centrifuges. Today laboratory personnel value Hettich Centrifuges and Incubators because of the products long service life, clever design and ergonomics.


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