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The Snijders EVOSAFE series Ultra Low Temperature Freezers feature the latest technology to ensure maximum protection for your valuable samples whilst providing maximum protection for the environment.

The EVOSAFE series are fitted with unique “PU” insulation between the interior and exterior panels. This system ensures all of the cooling is transferred to the interior of the freezer and therefore provides far superior insulation values than traditional foamed in place insulation and more recent vacuum insulation panel technologies.

Cooling & Freezing Systems

A full range of Ultra-Low Temperature freezers (-86°C), vertical as well as horizontal, in capacities from 120 up to and incl. 965 ltr. Designed to protect your samples, to take responsibility for the environment, to save energy and to be sustainable at the same time.

Snijders Labs has been manufacturing Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) freezers for over 35 years. The company is ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 certified for Development, Manufacturing, Sales and Service. Snijders Labs operates worldwide by co-operating with factory certified and trained distributors for installation and service of the freezers. By adapting to customer requirements, focusing on technology and functionality, we are able to strengthen our market position and quality.


Upright Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

The Snijders Labs equipment is developed for the life- and bioscience, clinical and industrial applications. As the only Dutch manufacturer of (Ultra) Low Temperature freezers, Snijders Labs feels proud to be able to offer you a complete program of cooling and freezing.

Long term storage for life- and bioscience, clinical and industrial material. The new range of ULT freezers direct available. Reduces energy costs with 30%, internet connective and extreme efficient to be filled with our sharp priced inventory racks.

State of the Art Ultra Low Temperature Cooling

The EvoSafe™-series are the result of 35 years of experience with Cascade cooling technology. They are designed for high performance, sustainability, energy efficiency and low noise output, due partly to the selection of the L’Unité Hermétique compressor silent range. The cooling system layout has been improved to allow all the heat generated in the engine room to be discharged directly to the rear and out of the compartment.

The EvoSafe Green cooling system has been filled with environment friendly CFC and HCFC free green gases. The ULT freezer performance and consistency is greatly increased due to a PC based coolant dosing system. It is an unique system designed specifically for  Snijders. The system can fill to an accuracy of 0.1 gram. It’s tested on temperature in our own temperature controlled test facility.

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Snijders Labs equipment is developed for the life- and bioscience, clinical and industrial applications. Snijders Labs delivers equipment for high-technology storage and breeding for laboratories.


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