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TOMY is the leading autoclave steriliser and centrifuge manufacturer in Japan, and providing superior services to customers across various industry segments, including biotechnology, biological engineering, medical science and food development worldwide.



TOMY Autoclaves are designed with innovative features as standard

  • Secure sterilisation with fine pressure adjustment
  • Time-saving cooling fan system

Choosing the best autoclave largely depends on several factors, including articles to be sterilised (what you are autoclaving), your throughput needs (how large your articles to be sterilised are and how much you need to autoclave) and available laboratory space, as well as convenience and personal preference.

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SX-E Series


Large Capacity Autoclave

The TOMY FLS-1000 autoclave has an improved capacity and user-friendly design making large volume sterilisation easier and accommodates unique shaped articles like bioreactors, fermenters and animal cages. Features include:

  • Large capacity, wide chamber for sterilising bulk or large volume items
  • Chamber able to accommodate up to 17 x 500ml bottles into one basket
  • Perfect height design enabling easy loading and unloading of items by the operator, also allowing easy cleaning of the chamber
  • Safety lid has selective lid opening, left or right, depending on the installation space with a foot pedal interlock for releasing lid
  • Intuitive display with easy to read settings
  • Secured sterilisation with fine pressure adjustment function

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Autoclave is essential for almost any type of laboratory, and it is crucial to choose the best autoclave that suits your needs. Secure Sterilization and Time-saving are the high priority to consider for researchers, and TOMY Autoclaves are designed with innovative features as standard.


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