Tuttnauer design and manufacturer autoclaves for laboratory sterilization applications of liquid, glass, and biohazard. Autoclave features specifically designed for lab applications used in laboratory, microbiology, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. Designed to provide high quality repeatable performance and documentation for laboratory applications and quality assurance processes.

Laboratory Autoclave Sterilisers

Meeting the highest standards for quality, safety and performance, Tuttnauer's advanced laboratory autoclaves are trusted by life science labs and research institutes throughout the world. Rely on Tuttnauer with complete peace of mind.

Laboratory & Research Autoclaves

Tuttnauer provides laboratory autoclaves with advanced cycle programs and features designed to satisfy the sterilization needs of microbiology, biopharma, food, chemical and other life science laboratories.

Biohazard Autoclaves

Biohazard autoclaves meeting Bio-Safety Level (BSL) requirements for BSL3 and BSL4 facilities, featuring double door pass-through configurations ensuring a hermetically sealed barrier between differently qualified risk level zones. Safe disposal of all effluent and gases from the contaminated area, backup safety systems, eliminating the threat posed by harmful pathogens and other contaminated materials.

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Tuttnauer has been manufacturing sterilizers for over 90 years. As a global leader in sterilization and infection control solutions, our autoclaves are trusted by hospitals, research institutes, clinics, and laboratories in more than 140 countries.


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